Talking about Classroom Management

Discipline is one of the important parts to teach in the classroom, in the classroom the teacher has to know how to mantain the order because if the class doesn’t have order, the students will not learn.

When I started to teach, I had a class in Junior High School, the class was a disaster, When I was giving instructions some students were talking at the same time, I told them

“Please be quiet” but they started to say ” I’m not doing anything teacher”,

and I told them: That’s not true, you are doing a lot of noise so be quiet.

After that they started to talk and me too, It was a story without end.

That afternoon I was thinking about that argument and I asked for pieces of advice, the next day I started the class and the same students started to talk, I told them be quiet, one of the students told me that he didn’t do anything,  with calm I asked him about the exercise that I was talking, He didn’t do anything and after that he was quiet.

Teacher has to be awake when students are talking in the classroom or creating distraction, Here we have some tips that I learned:

-The students have to know the rules, they must  know that the teacher is an authority.

-The teacher and the students have to follow the rules.

-The class needs to be interesting (teachers should have creativity and imagination)

-Encouraging positive behaviors and use punishment after warnings.

-Take and use the leader, if you have the leader, you have one part of the students.

– Don’t get angry, keep the calm.

-Monitor the students.

Remember the age, the feelings, the enviroment are things that affect the students. We need to guide them…


-Bloom’s Taxonomy-

Bloom’s Taxonomy help us to plan our class, to create useful activities according the HOTS and LOTS

You can’t understand a concept if you first don’t  remember it, similarly, you cannot apply knowledge
and concepts if you do not understand them.

Bloom idientified six levels within the cognitive domain, teacher can use them using imagination and creativity. They categorized in HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) and LOTS (Lower Order Thinking Skills).

The elements of each category cover many of the activitie, The activities are useful but they don’t cover some situations about lives of the students, emergence situations.

Here we have my class according Bloom’s Taxonomy:

My book is INSIGHTS, the book uses an intermediate level for teenagers.

The topic is about comparisons (Comparative adjectives)

1.- Remember: Students will work in teams. Each student will paste a sheet of paper in his back and all the team will write a word that describe  each student. The words can be feelings, skills, qualities, etc.

2.- Understand:  Students will read some texts about carnivals in different parts of the world and they will compare the way that people celebrate carnivals and festivals around the world.

3.-Apply: In pairs, Students will match  some adjectives and change them to comparative adjectives. (they will be carefull with the key grammar rules)

4.- Analyse: Students will distinguish kinds of comparatives and they will compare holidays in another countries.

5.- .Evaluate: Students will select their favorite holidays and argue their opinion.

6.-Create:  In teams, Students will create a new holiday, they will choose the food, the name, the activities about the holiday, and they have to convince other classmates.

“Use creativity and encourage your students”

4 skills to undertand the world….

The English language to understand us in the world. Sometimes the students only want or they are good in one or two skills.

Students will be interested in the 4 skills if the teacher thinks with creativity. Teacher should catch the attention with stories, role plays, movies, songs, comics, etc. Students get boring when the class and the activities are monotonous.

Motivation is important to catch attention, give the ways or the points if students do the work. If students are interested from the beginning they will work by themselves.

The 4 skills are difficult to evaluate, it depends the level of the students, the level of the activity, the topic, etc. So teachers must to be careful with the grade of each student and the skill.

This is the website that I chose , My students will make teams, they are going to form a rock band, they will choose the roles, they need to choose if they want to be the singer, the guitarist, the bassist, the drummer or the manager.

The name of the topic is “Introduce yourself”, the students will use fotobabble application to describe the person that they will be. Each character will record their information and paste a picture about their character, they have to use costumes in the pictures.

My students love music, so I will catch their attention.

I’m going to evaluate the activity with the next rubric:

      Nombre del maestro/a:

Jose Omar Gonzalez Arevalo

    Nombre del estudiante:     ________________________________________
Outstandinggly achieved
Notably achieved
Sufficiently achieved
Needs Improvement
Uses a variety of vocabulary and expressions
Uses a variety of vocabulary and expressions, but makes some errors in word choice.
Uses limited vocabulary and expressions
Uses only basic vocabulary and expressions.
Very original presentation of material
Some originality apparent.
Material presented with little originality
Repetitive. No variety.
Pronunciation and intonatin are almost always clear.
Pronunciation and intonation are usually clear, with a few problems.
Pronunciation and intonation mistakes, difficult to understand the student.
Frequent problems with ronunciation and intonation.

Everyone loves to learn New Vocabulary!!!

Sometimes to teach vocabulary is monotone, but if you use strategies, you can do that your students learn all the words you want.

The loci method is a good plan to teach vocabulary, you can write an specific place on the board, for example: Market, and the teacher ask the students things that they can find in that place, you can show them some pictures to give them tips, after that they say things that they remember, for example: fruits, vegetables, cereal, etc. They help by themselves to recognize the words.

After that, they will identify the words with the place and It’s easier for them. I think that use the dictionary has to be the last strategies to teach vocabulary. If students don’t know the word, stop! and please don’t use spanish language or the dictionary, You must use mimic language or pictures, the students will remember the words if they discover the meanings by themselves.

Games  that you could  use:

Mimics: We need 2 teams one of the students will do the mimics and the others will guess the words, but the team only have one minute to guess the words. The winner will be the team that guess more words.

Simon Says(Total physical response): If you want to teach the parts of the body, It is a great game to learn the body parts. The students must to touch the part of the body that teacher will say. For example: Simon says… touch your head, Simon says touch your nose….. And if they touch one part of their body and you don’t say Simon Says they lose.

Games teach children about what is good and bad, and gives them a chance to learn more about countries, animals, body parts, people, etc. (vocabulary).

For teenagers and adults you can use the same games or change them for dynamics or activities, for example:

Colleagues : They choose a theme for example: Zoo: They will paste all the animals that they find.

Creativity is the best when you teach vocabulary.

I left to you this website, In this website you will find a lot of games to teach vocabulary.

Grammar… easy or complicated??

Grammar is so important if you want to teach the English language. Sometimes to learn grammar could be difficult or boring but  the teacher  has the responsability to catch the attention.

To teach grammar. The teacher needs to improve his imagination and use some interesting theme for the students. The students pay attention if the material and the activity are cool for the them.

Teachers need all the grammar possible to teach English, to teach grammar  teachers could use some activities but first the teacher has to take some tips to reach the objectives:

the age of the students: if they are kids, teenagers or adults. ,

  •     Kids don’t understand some rules but you can introduce them in a game, song , puzzle or story.
  •     For teenagers and adults you can use stories, puzzles, games or dynamics.


— The material that you are going to use: If the students like the material.

— The way that teacher plans the class: If teacher has the steps to give the class, the motivation, participation etc., This online page is great you can use all the students skills to learn english.

The website has songs to improve speaking, worksheets with pictures and puzzles of different topics, flash cards that you can print, videos and stories. The way you use these tools, the way that you give a great grammar class.



Welcome to my blog!!!!


In my new blog I will share the new stage I’m taking…

My goal as a teacher is to help students to develop all their skills, help them to achieve their goals and form good students with values. With this tkt course I’m going to take the knowledge to improve my life as a teacher.

I think that learning and knowlegde are part of the human life…